A Little About Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping

I sweep chimneys the traditional French and English way which has worked for the past 150 years using rods and brushes. The modern part of chimney sweeping is sheeting up and cleaning away soot and debris at the bottom of the flue. I use a modern hi-tech vacuum cleaner with two motors and three sets of filters to eliminate all soot from entering the room. The fireplace is sealed by a tried and tested method used by most modern chimney sweeps
ensuring domestic chimneys are swept with care.

CCTV checks

We offer as part of our service a full CCTV survey checking for damage and ensuring that the flue is in a good condition and not a danger to the occupants of your premises .

Smoke test

This is a simple test with smoke capsules to check the airflow of the appliance. A badly flowing Chimney / flue can be dangerous resulting in a back draft of carbon monoxide gases .

Integrity smoke test

A test designed to check the integrity of your chimney and flue, checking for leaks throughout the length of the system . It involves sealing the flue from the top and bottom and inserting a smoke machine to reveal any holes from which dangerous gases can escape.


Once Your Chimney is swept , a CCTV check is made or the system is smoke tested we provide a certificate of Ramonage . This document is required by insurance companies in case of a Chimney fire. If you do not have one you are not covered .


It is a misconception that a ramonage/chimney sweep only needs to be done once a year. A ramonage must be cleaned in accordance with the RSDT regulations (It will more than likely be in the small print of your insurance) for a wood, coal burning or fuel generator this is TWO TIMES A YEAR. For Gas appliances it is once a year. It could be an expensive mistake to make if you were unfortnate enough to have a Chimney fire .

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