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Institute of Chimney Sweeps was founded by Chimney Sweeps for the sole purpose of providing the industry with a trademark for quality and safety, which all members work and adhere to. A clean, conscientious and value for money service is provided by all members of the Institute.

icsICS members cover all of the UK, Ireland and Europe and all of them have public liability insurance and references. This means customers wishing to locate a Chimney Sweep in their local area  can be assured that the service provided by an ICS members will be of the highest standard.

Many ICS members offer repair work as well as regular sweeping giving customers a complete professional service.

By selecting an ICS member to provide a chimney sweeping service you can rest assured that your home or business will be safe in the event of a chimney fire.

Chimney fires can be very dangerous and disruptive and can also lead to the loss of ones’ home or business. These can also lead to house fires or burn themselves out but often cause serious damage to the masonry and brick work, leaving the owner with an expensive repair bill.

All ICS Members provide a clean and conscientious service and are able to offer advice on any chimney problems. when an ICS Member has swept and smoke tested your chimney you will be issued with a chimney safety certificate which is a necessary compliance for your house insurance.

All Wood, coal and fuel burning generators need to be cleaned twice a year and Gas once a Year .

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